Kirby Morgan Professional Dive Center

Kirby Morgan Professional Dive Training Center’s mission is to teach and train Law Enforcement, engineers and scientific divers in proper procedures in pre-dive inspection and set up, standard and emergency operating procedures as well as standard maintenance and post-dive measures using Kirby Morgan surface supplied diving equipment. A dedicated dive deck at the edge of 113 thousand gallons of heated fresh water allows dive teams to train in a controlled environment empowering them to succeed in their missions safely and with the greatest confidence when called on to perform in the field.

Training at the Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Center allows students to dive into all the KMDSI helmet models that are currently on the market.

All KMDSI helmet models are available for training and try dives during the course.

Customer testimonials
Customer testimonials
“Kirby Morgan training was very comprehensive and practical for public safety diving. The training environment allowed for proper practice of required drills and was conveniently located in house.”
— Riverside County Sheriff’s Office
Customer testimonials
“The training was very thorough with regards to the system itself. When I first arrived I was a little intimidated by the thought of disassembling and reassembling the helmets and system as a whole. By the end of the training I was fully confident in how to properly and safely use and take care of the equipment. Our instructor allowed us to work the system without interfering and provided valuable feedback of any errors which we made.”
— Riverside County Sheriff’s Office
Customer testimonials
“The Kirby Morgan PRO Dive Center’s staff first trained our team in 2013. We continue to send divers for surface supplied diving certification, updates and custom courses specific to our team’s needs. The staff has always been welcoming, knowledgeable and qualified instructors. Overall, their facility and instruction has improved our quality of diving, operational safety and emergency procedures as well as enhanced our operational preparedness and response to dive emergencies.”
— Sgt. Ralph Edwards, LA Port Police
Customer testimonials
“I very much appreciate your expertise and collegial style. You’ve repeatedly tried to adjust your message to meet the needs of your students. You always make the team feel respected, even when you’re making corrections. That takes self-confidence, self-regulation, and no small amount of patience. Thank you for another great year of team training.”
— Aberdeen Army Proving Ground, Michael Sullivan CIV USARMY ATEC (USA)

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