Surface Supplied Diving for Public Safety Divers

Duration: 4 days

This course is designed for dive teams that have not used it in a long time or are considering operating in the surface supplied diving configuration with KMDSI helmets or masks.

The focus will be on safe and proper procedures for dressing and undressing the diver, pre-dive inspection and setup, standard and emergency operating procedures, Air Manifold Operations, and standard maintenance and post-dive measures for surface supplied diving equipment. We provide everything except exposure suits but encourage teams to bring as much, if not all, of their equipment used on typical missions to train with. This training will parallel portions of the ANSI/ACDE-01-2015 Commercial Diver Training Minimum Standards & OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart T Commercial Diving Operations.

There are three spots available for the Surface Supplied Diving for Public Safety Divers course from August 19-22. Contact us to confirm your spot.

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